About me


I AM an empath, a feeler, a soul on the journey of self-discovery and truth.  I ENJOY research, hidden mysteries, ideologies, and learning the arts of secret mystery schools from antiquity.  I THINK about Evolution, the Cosmic Void, Time & Space, Different Dimensions, Gods & Goddesses. Ascended Masters & Enlightened Beings. Numbers. I PRACTICE Rituals, Tarot, Magick, Alchemy, Ceremony. Self-Expression through Art, Writing, Music, & Fashion. Compassion, Forgiveness, and Selflessness.  I LOVE Spending time with Nature and those closest to me, the Art of Living Well and Treading Lightly. Swimming in natural bodies of water, laying on the earth, staring at the sky, and gazing in the flame.  I humbly hold space for knowledge and enlightenment to reach the masses, so that we may be the action and change for the healing of our sacred planet. www.goldenrose.love