Language of the Birds

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Also known as Language of the Gods & the Green Language, this craft recognizes symbolism through the flight and cries of birds as a source of divination. One of the oldest forms of divination known to modern times, the language of interpreting birds has been around for thousands of years, with references being found Sumerian, Greek, & Roman texts. In the Talmud, King Solomon is referred to gaining his wisdom after being granted the Language of the Birds by God. Egyptian Arabic notes hieroglyphs as the "Alphabet of the Birds" directly relating it to Thoth, Egyptian God and Scribe of the Gods, which further enhances the energy of communication, a trait Thoth governs. Just as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago, we can utilize our friends of flight for inspiration, insight, and guidance. The beautiful thing is all it takes is a little mindfulness, patience, and practice. Naturally, birds represent the Air Element. This element represents an idea that has been inspired and ready to be put into motion, and birds are here to help us with this. Birds communicate with us from a perspective of signals, appearances, and calls. They are very connected to the Spirit Realm and act as a messenger between the Veil, conveying to us messages from Spirit. Here is a personal example of mine; Lately, I've been thinking about expanding my business. I'm fortunate enough to live right next to a nature preserve, and everyday around mid-afternoon I see the hawks out for their daily hunt. I began to watch their patterns and the inner thought came to pay attention as to how that pertained to my business. The words came to "cast my net wide, with positive expectation" just as the hawk does. Every day the hawk goes out to hunt for food, with no guarantee that it will find it. However, it believes in its natural abilities and talents, cast its net wide and waits for the opportunity to appear, then zeros in. Perfect analogy for expanding a business right?! That's what I mean when I say that birds communicate with us.

Truly majestic beings...

There are many symbols one can look to for inspiration. I would say to start with the next time you see a bird that particularly catches your attention. Take note of everything about that moment. Where you are in relation to the bird. What kind of bird it is? How many are there? Is there anything you notice out of the ordinary? Taking note of these things regularly will help you to notice when something unique or extraordinary is happening. Another thing worth noting is that the flight pattern of a bird or birds can communicate things. Depending on what you're thinking at the time, you may see a bird moving against the wind and not making much progress (you can guess what that means, going against odds or against progress), or flying left to right means progress made or goal achieved, right to left means setbacks. There is the language of lovebirds that has been recognized for quite some time. Seeing a pair when you are are thinking of the one you love is a sign, take notice of the type of birds they are and how they're interacting. If you see a bird that happens to strike you as unusual or special in some way that you aren't familiar with, look it up on Google. Many times the bird will have a spiritual energy or reference that pertains to your current situation in some way. Feathers that appear in your presence are also signs from the Spiritual Realm. They are symbols from your Guides and Angels, as a representation of support and guidance. Usually, you will find that they come in times when spiritual support is desired or needed. The Language of the Birds is deep and something that this is barely touching on, but I would encourage you to keep a sense of mindfulness whenever our friends of flight are around. You never know just what they might have to say. :)

one last thought to leave you with...

"In mythology, medieval literature and occultism, the language of the birds is postulated as a mystical, perfect, divine language, green language, Adamic language, Enochian, angelic language, or a mythical or magical language used by birds to communicate with the initiated." Wikipedia