Leave No Trace

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

As Spring begins to emerge in the northern hemisphere, we collectively begin to emerge from hibernation as well. A practice of mindfulness is what I would like to share with you today. Anytime we go into the precious ecosystem of Nature, its delicate balance is something to be OBSERVED, NURTURED, PROTECTED, and HEALED. Through Observing the beauty and spectacle that is Nature, you naturally connect with it, as it is part of you, and this leads to the next three things. After you observe Her, you take on the role of active participant and begin to exchange energetically with the Earth. For so long, she has given so much, and we need to collectively and mindfully give back in a way that would be Nurturing to the Planet. Give from a place of pure acknowledgement and gratitude for the care that she gives you every second of every day. The air you take in your lungs, the fire that burns your metabolism, the water you drink when you thirst, and the ground you walk upon. The food that nourishes you and gives you energy, the animal, insect, air, aquatic, and plant beings that are here to give us intuition, communication, acceptance, and love. This all must be nurtured by us! It is our duty to nurture the planet and ourselves, to become refined in maintaining this beautiful balance. When we realize the connection that we have to the Mother from observation, then nurture this relationship with Her, we come to a place of realization that We are connected in the deepest way, in every need to the Earth. Now we move into Protection. We are that which we are. We are the Earth, She is Us, there is no separation. We must protect that which sustains & nurtures us. This is higher thinking... To see, feel, and know on the deepest level the interconnectedness of all things. To have full comprehension of what We Are One means. To have this realization to protect that which is sacred is to come to the final task of Healing. There is a sense of mindfulness that needs to happen on a very deep level. It goes beyond developing mindfulness practices in your daily life, and making even more room to heal the collective, even when the collective scales as a whole still lack the necessary awareness. Its up to us to pick up the slack. When you go into Nature have a look around. Is there any way you can connect or give that could be an exchange of healing? Perhaps picking up trash that doesn't belong there, or communing with a tree in an exchange of healing. You can cleanse yourself in the water while exchanging gratitude for the experience. You can give an offering of prayer to the Nature. There are many different ways to connect. Go within and listen, your unique way of connecting with Pachamama starts from there. Its like your fingerprint. A very special and unique relationship between the two of you. Gaia needs us now more than ever. Let us connect in sacredness and gratitude. Offer our support and love. Offer our protection and healing. And being mindful to Leave No Trace. Even if it isn't your mess. You can feel good about doing your part. If everyone did this, there would be no more pollution in nature, we would live lighter as a species, and we could count on our planet sustaining Her delicate ecosystem and resources for future generations.