Spiritual warrior

A journey not for the weak or faint hearted. One that embraces you to the very core of your being by taking you out of your comfort zone, healing the messy places, and filling the holes of pain with new seeds of growth and life. Its transformational even to oneself as you experience it. Its lonely. You are constantly searching to attain that which possibly could never be attained but still you seek it. Wholeness. Wholeness in the midst of sacrifice and pain. How could it even be possible? Through self-actualization... through feeling it all and having the courage to proceed. To get out of your comfort zone. To become the magician of your own life. To embrace the Hermit and the Hierophant of your own imagination. Life is a symphony that plays the music of the spheres. If only everyone could hear its beautiful sound. The precious melody of Creation, creating itself again and again, through us and all around us. Breathe It in... rest in Its Goodness and Perfection. It is this peace that the Spiritual Warrior seeks. To overcome the illusion of the western world and capitalist mind. To live with Oneness and loving compassion with life itself. Slowly and steadily the path continues ahead, and I walk it step by step. Breathing in the experience, relishing the precious magic of it all.